19 August 2012

Nu faceţi confuzie între americani şi liderii corupţi ai SUA

Iată americanii:

Ce face Statele Unite pentru democratizarea ţărilor care nu răspuns standardelor democratice americane...
Local media reports indicate most victims of U.S. drone attacks are civilians including women and children.

Detailed information from the families of those killed in drone strikes in Pakistan and from local sources on strikes that have targeted mourners and rescue workers provides credible new evidence that the majority of the deaths in the drone war in Pakistan have been civilian noncombatants – not “militants,” as the Obama administration has claimed.

The new evidence also shows that the statistical tally of casualties from drone attacks in Pakistan published on the web site of the New America Foundation (NAF) has been systematically understating the deaths of large numbers of civilians by using a methodology that methodically counts them as “militants.”

The sharply revised picture of drone casualties conveyed by the two new primary sources is further bolstered by the recent revelation that the Obama administration adopted a new practice in 2009 of automatically considering any military-age male killed in a drone strike as a “militant” unless intelligence proves otherwise.

The detailed data from the two unrelated sources covering a total 24 drone strikes from 2008 through 2011 show that civilian casualties accounted for 74 percent of the death toll, whereas the NAF tally for the same 24 strikes showed civilian casualties accounted for only 30 percent of the total.

The data on 11 drone strikes from 2008 through 2011 were collected in 2010 and 2011 from families of victims of the strikes by Pakistani lawyer Mirza Shahzad Akbar. Those 11 cases represent only a fraction of the total number on which Akbar has obtained data from victim’s relatives.

Although relatives of drone strike victims could have a personal interest in declaring the innocence of their relatives, the details provided by relatives in legal affidavits, such as the age, employment and other characteristics of the victims, appear in almost every case to support their claims that those killed were not actively involved with al-Qaeda or other military organizations.

The data on 13 drone strikes targeting rescuers and mourners from 2009 through 2011 were gathered by the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) in a three-month investigation in late 2010 and early 2011 involving interviews with eyewitnesses and others with direct knowledge of the strikes. Truth Out


The CIA and the U.S. military have used unmanned aerial vehicles known as drones to target and kill those Washington calls “suspected militants” in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Libya.

In 2008, after Barack Obama won the presidency in the U.S., the drone strikes escalated and soon began occurring almost weekly, later nearly daily, and so became a permanent feature of life for those living in the tribal borderlands of northern Pakistan. CBS News

A report released by the United Nations in June 2010 called the drone attacks part of a "strongly asserted but ill-defined license to kill without accountability". CNN

... sau recent...
În urma unei lovituri aeriene aplicate de o dronă americană în provincia Kunar din estul Afganistanului au murit civili.

Autorităţile locale au declarat că sâmbătă o dronă americană a aplicat lovituri cu rachete împotriva unui grup de talibani ucigând 50 de rebeli.
Rebelii au vrut să judece patru localnici arestaţi potrivit legii sharia. În urma loviturii aeriene, în afară de rebeli au murit şi cei patru civili. În prezent, din 52 de morţi numai 28 au fost identificaţi ca talibani.
Din păcate noi, românii, lângă cine suntem? Suntem noi lângă americani? Nuuuuu. Noi suntem lângă liderii americanilor şi slugărim în afacerea războiului ca ei să câştige bani.

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