08 February 2011

Între IMF şi FMI se pierde ceva la traducere

Fondul Monetar Internaţional a venit cu lecţiile făcute. Citind tema FMI trecută pe curat, nu prea pare aceiaşi cu ceea ce ne prezintă festiv autorităţile româneşti.

Program status:
The performance criteria for end-September 2010 have been met, with the exception of the criterion on general government arrears, which will also be missed for end-December. Inflation remained within the inner band of the inflation consultation mechanism through end-November. Information on two of the four quantitative performance criteria for end-December 2010 and on the inflation target is unavailable and the authorities are requesting a waiver of applicability. Approval of the 2011 budget, approval of the revised unified wage law, enactment of the pension reform, and modification of an ordinance on bank lending, and maintenance of near zero central government arrears are prior actions for this review.

Key issues:
The review focused on three issues:
(i) measures in the 2011 budget to assure compliance with fiscal targets;
(ii) progress on the structural reform agenda; and
(iii) efforts to ensure continued financial sector stability.


Vă las plăcerea de a răsfoi cele peste 60 de pagini viu colorate de grafice.

Puteţi constata diferenţele dintre ceea ce spune IMF-ul în raport şi ceea ce spune guvernul că ar fi spus FMI.


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